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The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm

An Exclusive, Limited-Entry Dog Boarding Facility!


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About The Author

Deb Blatchley, President and founder of Blue Willow Farm LLC and Animal Health Solutions LLC, has many years of successful experience as an animal lover, caretaker, animal nutritionist and animal behavioralist for many different types of animals. She created this exclusive dog boarding facility on her private premises because she wanted you to have peace of mind when you travel and need to board your dogs. Formerly, when she traveled while in Corporate America, she didn't feel comfortable with the following boarding options: leaving the dogs alone at home where a petsitter occasionally visited (what if something happened while the petsitter wasn't there?), leaving her dogs in a facility where there were other sick dogs coming in and out for treatment, or where the owners turned off the lights, locked the doors, and went home for the evening (what if something happened to the dogs during the night when they were all alone?). She didn't like her dogs couped up and warehoused under fluorescent lights and where they didn't get to truly run around, play, and exercise outside as they did at home. So, she created this facility for your peace of mind so you wouldn't have to experience any of this because the facility is connected to her house on her private farm, garden, and equestrian estate. The dogs here get to have fun, play, run around in the fresh air, and feel the sun on their faces and the real grass under their feet! She is right here with your dogs overnight if they need her and she gives each of your dogs personalized attention. Appointments are necessary and people cannot just stop by, thus giving her more private time to spend playing with your dogs!

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