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The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm

An Exclusive, Limited-Entry Dog Boarding Facility!

About Our Unique Facility

debpicDogs love the sights, sounds, and scents of a farm, garden and equestrian estate!  Think of all the deserving experiences you will be giving your dogs when they board here!  ……and the unique and rare photo opportunities to cherish for years to come where you can proudly display the photos in your homes and share with your friends!  The kennel is not in a separate building.  It is connected to my house and I stay right here with your dogs overnight should they need me.

What a treat for both you and your dogs!

WE ARE NOT A BIG BOX FACILITY!  WE ARE an exclusive, small and limited entry, personalized 20-kennel dog boarding facility on our own ORGANIC farm, garden, and equestrian estate, right here in Milton (Alpharetta), Georgia!  Here, your dog will be allowed to run and play in this beautiful “organic” environment in the open air and feel the sun on their faces on a sunny day (they need the sun’s vitamin D for their health and to make other nutrients in their bodies work), feel the grass under their feet, breathe fresh air and be stimulated by the sights, sounds, and scents of our organic farm, garden, and equestrian estate.  Please bring the food your dog is currently eating so there will be no stomach upset on a sudden change of food.  We can feed your dog raw or packaged food.  Especially important is your peace of mind in knowing that we are right here with your dogs overnight should your dogs need us.  We do not go home and leave your dogs alone overnight as many other facilities do because we already live right here with the dogs!  We do not charge extra for exercising your dog which at many facilities may include a leash walk from the back door to the front door.  Exercise and play is already included in our price and there is NO EXTRA FEE FOR PLAY AND EXERCISE!  We also can watch your dog for daycare while you are at work!

A very reasonable cost for such an exclusive experience for boarders bringing their own food will be $25 per night for one dog and $20 per night each for two or more dogs belonging to the same owners.  A discount will be provided for weekly, or other long-term boarding.  Military personnel wanting to board their dogs for a long time will receive special discounted rates.  Daycare is $20 per day……..personalized times for pickup and dropoff can be arranged for your schedule.  Your dog is not kept in a tiny cage here and can run around and play outdoors in a personal backyard throughout the day.  This is the owner’s personal backyard, which is large, with trees, flowers, herbs, and so many scents to smell and sights to see.  Your dogs will also be able to have the experience of seeing and smelling horses and chickens safely through a fence.  We try to capture in a photo that picture perfect moment when your dog first meets these beautiful and majestic animals.

Not enough time to drop off or pick up your dogs?  For your convenience and for a reasonable cost, we can come to you and pick up your dogs the evening before boarding and/or deliver your dogs to you the evening you designate.

For an additional cost, there will also be photo opportunities.  Ten percent of all proceeds from boarding and photo opportunities will help feed and pay for expenses of the poodles and mixes at Georgia Poodle Rescue.  The beautiful scenery includes a manicured rose garden with clipped boxwood, beautiful catawba purple and deep red crape myrtles, a small fruit tree orchard with apple and fig trees, a blueberry patch, a unique small grape vineyard trained to grow upwards over a large 10-foot black metal obelisk arbor structure enveloping a five sided wood well house, exotic and rare polish and french chickens and roosters, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, uniquely manicured evergreens, several paddocks/pastures, an old barn and a new barn, and four different-colored horses:  two registered mares with famous blood lines (palomino (blonde) and silver grullo (rare silver color with a dark mane/tail having white streaks throughout the hair), and a handsome rescued dark bay gelding  (dark brown hair).

When you board your dog(s) with us, you will have peace of mind and you will be serving two causes!  You are helping your dog(s) live a healthier lifestyle, have a fun boarding experience, and have needed exercise of the mind and the body, and you are helping to feed and care for the rescue poodles and poodle mixes at Georgia Poodle Rescue  ( .  

After being in corporate america for 25.5 years, the owner of this unique estate decided to pursue her dream of helping animals and people live a healthier lifestyle, teach them how to do this more economically, especially in today’s economy, and put people in touch with each other who share similar philosophies for themselves and their pets.  When you are traveling for business or for pleasure, we want you to feel comfortable that your dog is not in a big box facility and is instead on a personal property having fun like they should be having.

People who have adopted dogs from Georgia Poodle Rescue will receive discounted boarding for all of their dogs for the life of their adopted dogs (these dogs are already familiar with running and having fun here).  Call for more details!  Our phone is 770-490-1187.   To obtain an application for an invitation to view the premises and/or to board or photograph, please email us at  No pictures may be taken or used in any way without the express written permission of the owner.  Permission needed to use photos publicly.  All photos are copyrighted and are the property of the owner of Blue Willow Farm without that express written permission.

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About The Author

Deb Blatchley, President and founder of Blue Willow Farm LLC and Animal Health Solutions LLC, has many years of successful experience as an animal lover, caretaker, animal nutritionist and animal behavioralist for many different types of animals. She created this exclusive dog boarding facility on her private premises because she wanted you to have peace of mind when you travel and need to board your dogs. Formerly, when she traveled while in Corporate America, she didn't feel comfortable with the following boarding options: leaving the dogs alone at home where a petsitter occasionally visited (what if something happened while the petsitter wasn't there?), leaving her dogs in a facility where there were other sick dogs coming in and out for treatment, or where the owners turned off the lights, locked the doors, and went home for the evening (what if something happened to the dogs during the night when they were all alone?). She didn't like her dogs couped up and warehoused under fluorescent lights and where they didn't get to truly run around, play, and exercise outside as they did at home. So, she created this facility for your peace of mind so you wouldn't have to experience any of this because the facility is connected to her house on her private farm, garden, and equestrian estate. The dogs here get to have fun, play, run around in the fresh air, and feel the sun on their faces and the real grass under their feet! She is right here with your dogs overnight if they need her and she gives each of your dogs personalized attention. Appointments are necessary and people cannot just stop by, thus giving her more private time to spend playing with your dogs!

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